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Originally Posted by Airman74 View Post
It does make knife edges easy,,, but isn't it a little like a crutch then?? :-)
Flying a Extra 300 3D (flat foamie) would be a crutch then because it does make doing 3D so easy. But that's not the case. It's simply a great airframe very well designed to do 3D specifically. I think to really appreciate AS3X, you have to have flown both the Beast V1 and V2. QQ did an awesome job on the V1. I was (or is?) probably the best ultra-micro airplane (for it's look, complexity and flying quality at the same time). You could do Knife Edges VERY easily with it all day long, and you could somewhat hover it, do KE loops, etc. But with V2, AS3X simply made this great airframe better, but it's far from being a crutch!!! You don't see people doing hover all day long. You simply see people doing longer and more perfect KE, even if there's a little wind. You see people doing longer hover. But again, people who could not hover the V1 couldn't hover the V2. People who could not do a decent KE didn't became expert at it the next day (though it simply did help improving their skill much faster).

Extra weight for the AS3X is minimal and extra cost isn't that bad. Most 3 axis gyro system today have a way to turn it off and on using a switch on the transmitter. Wouldn't that be the best of both world? I think it's time for HH to do it! If somebody doesn't like AS3X, then he simply doesn't have to use it. But I have a feeling that on those days where there's a 5mph to 10mph wind, on something as small as the Edge, the switch would be on more often than off!
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