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Originally Posted by kdean View Post
Gyros are becoming more common place in planes these days. With the jets and micro models especialy. Its considered 'cheating' if you put gyros in a 3D/aerobatic plane. I just want the gyros to help me while i get used to flying, and to keep things stable during take off and landings. It will be nice to have something to use my 2200mah packs in when its to windy for the 400 and 450. I dont like practicing heli 3D in the wind. When it gets up to 15 - 20 i end up flying the heli around like a plane anyway.
Yeah, a plane that can stop and hover!

I never flew a real one. But because of my hours in phoenix i have no doubt i could fly a plane no problem. I could maybe even have a go at a tilt rotor. But i don't have much interest in the investment. Plus i would need a runway. If i spread myself too thin and get too many models. I won't be able to maintain them all. Though i suppose planks have less maintenance then a heli. But still. Maybe at a later date. I'm still thinking about how to make that bathroom door into a hover craft. The gas blower will keep it inflated and hovering. But i need to work out a steerable thrust source for it. What do you think? How about an electric 450 with no tail drive hooked up, strapped to a bracket on the back of the "craft". Cyclic would work like normal so you could control thrust vector and rudder or gear switch can be hooked used for throttle servo to the gas blower, while the regular throttle works the forward propeller. I think i can make this work. Door size, Hybrid gas/electric hover craft. What a youtube video that would be. It might even look like something walkera would release. You know... With the duct tape and everything on it.
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