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@kdean, your crash record is simply extraordinary. This is really as good as it gets considering you are flying 3D. I easily crashed more than 28 times in a single session with my micros before, although most crashes result in no damage. My record is much better with my 250 and 450 though because I am much more careful. However, I still had 7 crashes out of 650 flights that were due to problems with Align, especially its ESC. As far as mechanical problems were concerned, my M120D01 was by far the worse. There had been countless crashes and I gave up after having had just 6 normal flights.

One thing about the 2801 pro is that it seems to have some latency i.e. delayed servo response. This latency is not seen with the Devo and this was one of the reasons why Walkera switched. The other reason was telemetry. Therefore, you should get a more "connected" feeling using a Devo transmitter.

I would say that the top manufacturers are Futaba and JR at the moment. You may still be able to get a DSMX compatible transmitter in the US, but I think they have stopped production of all Spektrum compatible transmitters. However, JR seems to have a larger following than Futaba among heli pilots though. I suppose if you want to fly a Blade heli in future, you have to get something that is Spektrum compatible.

As strange as it may sound, many modelers in Hong Kong are going into the Walkera era right now from larger helis. This is because of the acute lack of flying space. This got much worse last year when a number of flying sites were closed. It is true that Walkera is no longer the only seller of micros in Hong Kong, but the proportion of modelers buying micros have increased greatly.

I have a Devo 12s right now and I have no plans to switch to any other brand for the moment. For a start, the color touch screen interface of the 12S is so simple and intuitive that I don't want to use a conventional push button transmitter again. I am keeping an eye on the 130X at the moment. But the number of problems reported puts my off, especially since I don't get HH's support in Hong Kong. Besides, there is only one vendor selling it in Hong Kong.
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