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Originally Posted by kdean View Post
Integrity, i'm glad your a good sport about the bad issues with your 2702v, and i look forward to your findings with the 'new' version that your getting. But, i dont think i'll trust my 2702 again, even without the set id.

I wish you luck with the dx8. Put it through some tests as i have seen those lock out just like the 2702, but the throttle did cut, and the heli did fall out of the sky right in front of me. I'll post a link to it in the crash thread. If there is a perfectly reliable radio system out there, let me know which one it is. And use your powers of the universe to 'wish' me the thousands that it will cost.

Does anyone know or have a walkera rx/gyro combo in a plane? I have a plan but need to do some research.
Believe me, i'm with you on the 2702V. But it's more about the principal now. Not just the fact that it happened and i want to force my v450 to fly like almost EVERYONE ELSE using a 2702V, without issues. But also i can't stand not knowing why it's happening. If it's actually fixable or not, and can we prevent this/fix this when it occurs to a new comer in the hobby or anyone in general. Other than telling them to buy another $200+ in equipment to fix their problem. Furthering the money pit that they already, likely, feel like they are in. Thinking about it now, i have not been practicing the power of positive thinking or attraction when dealing with my helicopters ever since my 2nd flight with the V450 and my ESC lit up on fire. I have harbored nothing but animosity and distrust with my walkera products. Because, lets face it. It's not the first time with issues similar. Hopefully Walkera is on a new path to better quality, but it seems like they are just raising prices. Not much quality increase. Maybe some new features and gimmicks too. It's just hard to trust them after the extensive battle over quality i have been fighting with them since day one.

As far as "wishing" you some money. It doesn't quite work like that. It's got a little more than "wishing" to do with it. It's more about aligning your vibrational resonance to attract what you want. Thinking "I need money" or "I'm broke" or "Damn my bills" simply won't cut it. It's more about believing what your saying, first of all. But saying things like that to yourself won't help. Try this instead. "Money comes frequently and easily". But it's also not an immediate thing. As you open your mind. You will begin to open your new avenues of productivity as well. You can't simply sit on the couch, watch TV and "wish" for something. You do kind of have to go out and get it. But if your mind is not open to the things you want. You won't even get up off the couch in the first place. How many times have your heard this one.. "Yeah, I know. But what are you going to do about it?" in reference to something that most people consider to be unchangeable. At least by a single man. Well the truth is a single man has been capable of lots of things by himself though history. THOSE, are the ones wielding the understanding of the powers of the universe. Even if it's unconscious. The ones that close their mind off to possibilities have never tried to do better. So they get nothing better. They can "Wish" for better. But until they open their mind and consider that they are capable and deserving of better. No change can occur. As far as my particular case right now. I had expended most of my budget on helicopters on the V450. Between repairs and building a second one. I was quite in the hole and practically skipping lunches as it was. But thanks to V999D02 and his overwhelming support and understanding of my situation. He tried to start a fund raiser to help me out saying that i deserved it. Well, i don't know if i helped anyone out that much that they would donate. But THANKS V999D02! That was really cool of you. That was the first "out of no where" thing that was generated by the law of attraction. I have no doubt. But after that i began to focus on making this my one set goal in the immediate future. I lowered the price on one of my helicopters, and after about a month of trying to sell it. I got a really reasonable offer, all of a sudden! Then as i'm sitting online looking at the X5 i plan on ordering and have been watching over at clubheli for a while. I get a phone call and all of a sudden i'm booked for a wedding and have a side phone installation for a telemarketing place. Both get phoned in by the same person. Right as i was "Wishing" i could buy this heli. People can call it crazy. But this kind of thing happens to me all the time. It's how i bought every one of my helicopters. Could be coincidence though.
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