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Originally Posted by Snowflake6515 View Post
This is the third successful maiden of a bird for me with a Guardian unit installed. Being older than dirt, I usually try and have the maiden flights accomplished by someone else before I attempt flight with or without a Guardian installed (depends upon speed, complexity, anticipated winds, etc.)

I did not want to change out the RCVR (six channel) so only had one spare channel and used it for 2D/OFF/3D with default gain setting as shown in manual. Verified correct operation, did level/trim set. I followed prof100's installation photos (thanks for sharing) and it worked perfectly.

Set 3D mode and the bird tracked perfectly (heading hold engaged) on a very rough grass strip. I experimented with 2D and OFF a couple of mistakes high. Practiced approaches knowing that the Guardian would handle the control surfaces leaving me with throttle, pretty much.

The only surprise was how quickly the bird jumped off the runway (holding full up because of rough grass strip), but relaxing the elevator resulted in a smooth climb out.

As with other posters, I've flown in quite strong winds (15-20 mph, with gusts) and just don't worry about it. It is fun to do a low pass down the runway and watch the Guardian manipulating the control surfaces to keep the bird level.

I now own six units and have gotten in the habit of installing one in a new bird if it has any degree of complexity or if I am unsure of finding another pilot for the maiden flight.


I find your experience a delight to read. The Guardian sure does what it promises.

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