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Originally Posted by zadaw View Post
I am at Walkera's doorstep and obviously support and expertise is much better than overseas. Walkera do honor their warranty with transmitters and receivers. In fact, they will try to repair receivers free of charge whether it is a warranty issue or not, and also well after the warranty has expired. A vendor here who is the official Walkera repair agent even offers lifetime free repairs on all Walkera helis sold there, provided that you pay for parts. HH's warranty and support does not apply here. If anything goes wrong with a transmitter, it would have to be sent back to the US for repair. That is why most Blade stuff is unselleable over here because they are too expensve for what they are without support.

As far as larger Walkera helis are concerned. They are not sold in Hong Kong and they are not popular in China either. To date, I have never seen a V450D01 let alone a V500D01. The only exception was the V400D02 but the vendors did not carry parts because they were only bought by foreign visitors. As bad as it is, you have to compare the V400D02 with what was available at that time. I believe you would have had a much nastier time with the Blade SR or CPX, or Esky King 2. My opinion is that you should never have bought a V450D01, V400D02, or 4F200. However, they belong to a different era in Walkera's history.

Good points. The 4F200 is still my favorite, most reliable, least maintenance, consistent flier. With the 2618V and a hobbywing ESC i have not had a single lock out or any issues. If the heli is lubricated and setup properly (blade tracking, nothing bent) i never have to maintain anything but the bearings. Every once in a great while (20-30 flights) i check the swash and blade grip linkages to make sure they are not coming loose. Otherwise, my 4f200 is the ONLY Walkera heli that i will NEVER doubt once it's on my heli pad. It will launch, fly, flip and roll. All without giving strange pitch ups and downs because of loose RX wires, or the RX tape coming loose every now and then. Or any of the other minor problems the V120d02S gave me. Not to mention the belt tail is very durable, so no replacing gears if you happen to slap your tail. So, while i regret the initial experience of the 4f200 and shun Walkera for their inability to recognize, correct, address, or notice the issue with the 2612V. For that matter i shun them MOSTLY for not fixing the VERY KNOWN issue, right up till the heli was sold out and no longer in production anymore. They could have offered complete replacement of the RX or some kind of compensation since the RX had known gyro and lock out issues. Even though i had that experience, after upgrading the heli myself. It was and still is my favorite heli. I can say the same thing about my V120D05 too. Even though that one had quite a hefty upgrade fee attached. I prefer it to my V120D02S, BY FAR, now. However, no matter what efforts i made to fix the V450. They were for not! Why? Because apparently, the 2702V was the root of the problems from the start. With no alternative 2801-pro RX/Gyro to try to fix the problem myself (as i have had to do with all my WK helicopters except the D02S). I was left with only one option. After spending all that money, SPEND MORE! Get a separate Gyro and RX. It just becomes easier at some point to just tell the truth about them. It's not bashing if it's being honest. It's just facts. Their new RX/Gyros do not instill any farther feelings of reliance either. With all the mixed reports of the performance of the 6 axis gyros.

I love my Walkera products for what they were. A fix up project for me. A reason for me to wake up and say "Who can i help today". Because someone out there is kicking themselves for buying one of these too! I just got tired of walking around behind Walkera and picking up the pieces. Right now i just want to know WHY!!! WHY!!!!! the random defects in the 2702V?!? What is causing it? I seriously don't know if i can ever just let it go and drop it till i figure this one out.

Originally Posted by kdean View Post
I have complete trust in my walkera 2801 pro tx/rx. I also have complete trust in the rx in my V400D02 and the rx in the M120. This is a flight/crash count with my walkera controled helis sence i started flying two years ago.

M120D02 = 80 flights / 1 crash

V400 (sold)= 188 flights / 5 crash

SuperV400 = 101 flights / 1 crash

450 Pro = 180 flight / 10 crash

HK500 = 75 flights / 8 crash

HK600 = 73 flights / 3 crash

TOTAL = 691 flights / 28 crash

out of the 28 crashes, only 4 were caused by pilot error. Most of the crashes with the V400 were due to brushed motors dieing in flight. The superV went down due to a power system glitch. The 450 pro (that was mostly flying with a 2702v) went down due to mechanical problems (blades popping off, tail section failure, and servos burning out). The 500 also had a 2702v but three of those crashes were due to a bad servo, the rest were lock outs. The 600 started out with a 2702v (taken out of the 450pro) and two of those crashes were lock outs. I set the id's on the 2702's when i put them in the bigger helis. I had over 20 flights with each before the lock outs started to happen. The 2801 pro rx w/quark gyro setup that was in the 450pro for a while and is now in the 600 has never had problem. I now have a 2801pro rx w/beastX in the 500 and it has been problem free for the first 3 flights.

Alot of guys are flying 2702v rx's with no problems, we just need to find out what went wrong with ours. WOW hobbies is pretty good at takeing up the slack for walkera when they sell defective products, and even have a policy not to sell questionable items.

It could be that the lock outs in the 2702v rx's are a side effect of internal damage caused in a crash...

All i know is that i will trust my 2801pro tx/rx until it proves me wrong.
Man, i'm glad i didn't keep a flight/crash log on any of my helicopters. I'm sure my V450 log would be something like 100 flights and 45 lock outs, or more. I seriously never made it more than 5 or so flights without lock out. Unfortunately for me i just installed a new ESC and servos, so i had no idea what the problem was. I switched out all the electronics so many times. Just resisting the fact that it could be the RX. I'm sure i actually have about 200 flights or more on the V450. But i have crashed it so many times i can't keep track. I've only crashed it one time that was my fault. Though i did just get a little app for my phone and i will probably log my flights, times, packs and all that data as i go with the Gaui.

I made an extra $300 on a side job today. So, i will be buying a DX8 i think. After looking at the Futaba 7C, it's nice but it's a pile of junk too. If anyone decides to go Futaba get the 8J or anything above the 7C. The 7C is okay, but everyone seems to complain about the programming and menus. The guy at my LHS said it's a waste of money. Go bigger or get a Spektrum he said. All i know is i'm glad i have the money so i can feel safe. Even if a spek does lock me out. At least i wont feel like an ass for sticking with Walkera after everything. I said it in the X5 thread. I dare anyone to prove that i can't just make money appear when i need it though the power of positive thinking and the universe's law of attraction. 3 weeks ago, there was no way i could have bought this heli. But i focused my mind on nothing but that. Resonating nothing but vibes (thought waves/transmission) that would hopefully bring money or a new heli my way. The Universe, or what some might call "god" (IMO) responded and send me money from all kinds of alternative sources other than work. Hell, my v450 is still for sale! Sure, i could call it coincidence. But i doubt it. Now i need to focus on sending out some vibes to get someone to buy that thing

Though, since i have the 2801-pro i will likely still be doing testing with it and the microbeast on my 450. Just because i need to try it myself. It's all great to take someone's word for it that the 2801-pro won't do what the 2702V did. But please realize that i was told that the 2702V was really good, for a Walkera. I can find people everywhere with massive support for it and loving their heli or v450 using it. So it stands to reason that the issue is random with the 2702V and as such, could be the case with the 2801-pro. Since, IMO, it's far LESS likely that people are using a 2801-pro for big heli. It's also far less likely that any incidence would be reported, let alone reported publicly. Even if it was reported publicly. It seems 90% of the time people support that it's not the unit but it must be the user. So it's totally likely that the 2801-pro has the same issues. But have no doubt. I don't mind spending my money on the 450 anymore. I will be finding out for myself weather or not the 2801-pro is worth it's existence.

Also about the comment/theory that the 2702V issue could be caused by internal damage. Well, i'm not electrical technician or anything. I've repaired a TV or two in my day though. I opened the 2702V up on multiple occasions. I can't see any physical or electrical damage. So it does not rule out internal damage, but it does lower it on the list a little. Except for the new $119 2702V i bought from wow immediately locked out in real flight after 3 strapped down test flights. The Rx did appear used. So the damage theory could be plausible. I guess when i receive my new version 2702V with longer antenna i can collect more data.

At this point i do want to send a massive THANK YOU to for their assistance with the 2702V unit! I would not have expected a exchange for a more expensive unit. But they did step up to the plate and fix it for me. I was really hoping they would try to get my original 2702V replaced though Walkera, but either my approach was wrong (anger) or it's just not possible. I am grateful they offered to replace the one new unit though.
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