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Getting flight data off iPad?


Anyone know where the flight data file is on the ipad?

It is NOT where Zero says it is in the Apple GCS documentation. I know I have spent an hour trying to find it with no luck.


Originally Posted by Mr_westie View Post
Had a look at maximus-rc 's crash logs
Some strange stuff happening.
0:05 Throttle rises from 51 to 88.
Liftoff nose up. AI R4, U28
A few moments later, Manual servo position, goes bananas.
Throttle alternating between low and max, way too fast for manual stick movement.

It looks like RX glitched.
Or YS failed to read the servo positions.
Have advised user to try a different RX.
0:03 some shake at liftoff. Max 26 across 3 samples.
Liftoff nose up.
Full forward applied as craft is now backing toward pilot.
0:06 Craft now starts leaning forward.
Over corrected?
Throttle dropped, possibly same glitch as before.
But since in Auto hover, it starts descending.
Makes ground contact, flip.

At some point in both videos the values for Servo position dissapera for 1 sample.
Video1, 0:07, Manual servo position, Aileron, R40 - Blank - R39

A video of these flights would be handy.

A second opinion would be appreciated.
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