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Originally Posted by fajar View Post
thanks for the quotes. I spoke to him over QQ so can't give you the exact quote, I dont know how to bring back past conversations over QQ. But lets look at what he said to you:

" there will be have big than 5 sats when the AP start to work .
if the gps singal is not well , and the sats is less than 5 , you need switch to manual to back landing ."

Now my interpretation on the above passage is different from yours. He didnt say that the system would override RTH instruction if the sats were less than 5. He said "you need switch to manual to back landing". Surely the copter couldnt engage in automatic back landing when flying in manual mode. He means to say, if sat locks is below 5, just fly it back in manual mode. The original quote did not deny nor confirm about motors shutting off when engaging in RTH with sat locks less than 5.

But he did say to me that motors would shut off if I engage RTH with not enough sat locks. You surely got a point there that without adequate sat locks RTH should be disregarded by the system but surely not by shutting off motors. I would prefer the copter to engage in auto land, just like the original DJI Naza's low voltage failsafe.
LOL ... Yes there is no RTH in Manual mode. So, yes if there is less than 5 satellites, the only way to get back is in Manual mode. That is what he said and that is what I said. maybe not spelled out in so many words, but it is obvious.

However, I asked him if switching to RTH when there was less than 7 satellites would switch the motors off and he said that the only way the motors are going to shut down is if your angle is too high. Why don't you ask him again and see if he confirms what he said in his previous conversation, and post it here. At least then we can compare "answers".
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