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Originally Posted by Upup View Post
In anticipation of my second ,this time hopefully working ,board a little advice please
I am using super simple 18-20 amp ESCs
on my quad.

what is your opinion regarding the power lead should I disconnect it from M 2 3 and 4 or is it ok to leave it in place
I am not certain if the bec is switching or linear ?
Also does anyone know if they can be re-flashed using Simon's FW
I had terrible problems with SS series ESCs. I got a batch that would self destruct if you tried to power the all up at once (from the LiPo). It was a design fault that causes a voltage spike from the inrush current.

Anyway... They have badly designed linear regulators. The regulators (two per ESC) don't have the normal current sharing resistors and are connected directly together. This means the even fight each other in the one ESC. Under load you can feel one heating up as it sources or sinks excess current to/from the other.

As such I would definitely recommend removing the power leads from M2 to M4.
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