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Originally Posted by jdreitman View Post
Thanks guys... Appreciate your help again.

I don't have a closeup of my setup at the moment, but it's all pretty standard stuff.

I'm flying a DJI F550 frame, with the stock DJI motors and ESCs. I think from memory, they are 30amp ESCs. The gimbal is normally powered by a separate BEC but at the moment it's completely disconnected and has been for a few weeks now. I'm running 4C 5000 mah batteries. My transmitter is a Hitec Aurora and I'm using the Hitec 9ch Optima receiver.

The twitching problem I have has only come about in the last month or so. The only thing that's changed on the copter is that I went from a 7ch receiver, to a new 9ch receiver. Is it possible the receiver is defective? It's a genuine Hitec receiver, but I did in fact pick it up "new" on Ebay.
it may be worth doing the channel calibration again and check against the value in the GCS. Also, move your rx, data radio or wifi module as far away from the imu as possible.
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