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Originally Posted by V999D02 View Post
I have regular contact with a fella at Buzzflyer over here in the UK. They are a Gaui stockist.

He said He has had issues with compatibility between the uBeastX and the 2801 RX, in that the Heli violently shakes around. Use of a Spektrum RX works fine.

At Buzzflyer, He had the option of supplying it in kit form or prebuilt with a 2801 RX, but I believe it's just offered with the option of a Futaba or Spekky unit now.

Just thought I would point this out.

I have a 2801 pro here, and although I like it, I wouldn't use it on something half decent like an X5.

I just limit its use to my junkers like the Genius and V400d02.

Perhaps look out for a dx6i and RX and sat... They're reliable and can be bought for less than a Days wage.
Dude, i don't know how much you get paid. But i don't know a single person that could buy a DX6 with a days wage. Maybe 2 or 3 days. I live in Florida man.

So the hunt continues. I MAY setup and try my uBeast in my 450 and see whats up. I don't see many people complaining about Spektrum locking out in 2012. The few people i have contacted and asked if they were using a satellite, they said no. So obviously no matter what setup has to do with it. But I can get a Futaba 7C on ebay without the servos and stuff. I wouldn't doubt if i would like the functionality and layout on a Futaba better. Because Spek really kind of sucks with how they skimp out on things between their models. Like a simple back light or 3 mode flight switch. Whatever. They don't have to be so stingy on functionality for how much you pay. It's not like it costs them any more or less money either way per unit.

Originally Posted by V999D02 View Post
Walkera and their cheap prices allowed me to enter this hobby when I was pretty much penniless, and the continuous fettling to improve the often shabby workmanship and soft buttery metals allowed me to learn, and learn quite fast.

Along with perhaps a 10% production of mediocrely decent heli's (just micro) I see this as the only saving grace.

You mention about the dx6i being recalled, but I don't see this as a bad thing.

If Walkera release shabby and untested beta products as they OFTEN do, us, the end consumer are lumbered with it. Either that, or we have to return it to China at our expense.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of Blade, but, at least Horizon hobby (Spektrum) have the decency to recall the stuff and repair it. I even know of people with Spektrum and Blade stuff that is well out of warranty, but Horizon have seen them right.

I own 4 or 5 Walkera's at present and have owned several previous, and I believe they deserve the bad rep' they have built. It's only their own fault.

I have given them chance after chance, after chance, but, after owning decent quality stuff it's not difficult to see why I and many others look at Walkera with a very dim view.

Just my 1p.
I think that is pretty well said. I believe it was the DX8 that was recalled? I don't know, but the truth is some people may be scorned, as i am with Walkera. So it will be hard for them to trust Spektrum ever again. Because it's very hard for me to trust Walkera ever again. Having experienced horrible Rx/gyro issues with them all the way down to the V120 level on the V120D05. So it's not exactly a singular incident that brought on my ill feelings for them. Though the worst and most costly has been the 2702V. But at the end of the day, Spektrum ACTUALLY RECALLED. Instead of basically and nearly literally saying "You bought it, now it's your problem to fix".

I will defend this one thing. The Warranty and support for Spektrum only goes as far as the US boarder. After that, those guys out of town get nothing. So it's easy to see why they would go with the cheaper WK stuff. But my argument has been DON'T DO WHAT I DID!!!! I Fed UP by over investing in Walkera and trying to use their products in big helicopters. Sure their micros are cool, and a good place to learn. But going big with Walkera will wipe you out! On top of that my mission is to, by force of will, make Walkera correct their poor practices. The greasy wheel gets the grease, so they say. Also because, to quote Edmund Burke. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." As far as i'm concerned. Without warning people, without information to know better. Walkera can get away with whatever they like. Because they don't warranty anything. They don't document anything. So, when someone has an issue, they can sweep it under the carpet as long as they can. Wait till it's mass public knowledge and already cost their customers thousands collectively and it's become common knowledge enough to hurt them. THEN maybe they will address the issue. Because apparently they still are selling defective 2702V units with a massive safety issue ?? I don't know. It seems like at least Spektrum tries. Walkera just exists.

I've loved my Walkera micros. The got me here. I couldn't have afforded this right off the bat. No. That is a good point. But I could have also learned on a simulator and then got a really nice heli and saved thousands of dollars at this point. YES, i have spent THOUSANDS on Walkera products this year alone. Mostly the V450 racking up the repair bills and replacing electronics. But hell my first heli purchase was about $1200 and it was only a V120D02S, 4f200 and a sim with some parts and a aluminum case. Who says Walkera is cheap?
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