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Originally Posted by kdean View Post
Before we get to paranoid, and start the endless walkera bashing, here is a note about spectrum.

I posted the vid on the crash thread, but my friend installed a brand new Dx7 in his 600 scale md500, and it also got locked out causing the crash. And lets not forget the recall of the ds6i.

Dont be afraid to fly your heli because the stories you read that happen to others.

I've got a beastX and 2801 pro in my 500 now, with no 'shakeing'. Maybe they had some paramaters setup wrong. Walkera does have its 'special needs' sometimes.

I trust my 2801 pro rx way more than i trust the 2702v to stay in the air. But thats because i fly them so that they can prove themselves to me. If i relied on the 'stories' i hear about the different systems, i'ed be in a different hobby.
Walkera and their cheap prices allowed me to enter this hobby when I was pretty much penniless, and the continuous fettling to improve the often shabby workmanship and soft buttery metals allowed me to learn, and learn quite fast.

Along with perhaps a 10% production of mediocrely decent heli's (just micro) I see this as the only saving grace.

You mention about the dx6i being recalled, but I don't see this as a bad thing.

If Walkera release shabby and untested beta products as they OFTEN do, us, the end consumer are lumbered with it. Either that, or we have to return it to China at our expense.

Now, I'm not a huge fan of Blade, but, at least Horizon hobby (Spektrum) have the decency to recall the stuff and repair it. I even know of people with Spektrum and Blade stuff that is well out of warranty, but Horizon have seen them right.

I own 4 or 5 Walkera's at present and have owned several previous, and I believe they deserve the bad rep' they have built. It's only their own fault.

I have given them chance after chance, after chance, but, after owning decent quality stuff it's not difficult to see why I and many others look at Walkera with a very dim view.

Just my 1p.
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