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Before we get to paranoid, and start the endless walkera bashing, here is a note about spectrum.

I posted the vid on the crash thread, but my friend installed a brand new Dx7 in his 600 scale md500, and it also got locked out causing the crash. And lets not forget the recall of the ds6i.

Dont be afraid to fly your heli because the stories you read that happen to others.

I've got a beastX and 2801 pro in my 500 now, with no 'shakeing'. Maybe they had some paramaters setup wrong. Walkera does have its 'special needs' sometimes.

I trust my 2801 pro rx way more than i trust the 2702v to stay in the air. But thats because i fly them so that they can prove themselves to me. If i relied on the 'stories' i hear about the different systems, i'ed be in a different hobby.
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