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Originally Posted by allfiredup View Post
I get very occasional Failsafe glitches showing on my DOSD with the RL rx and DX8. Its just a half second flash of failsafe and happens maybe once every other flight. I never remove my Tx antenna and my reciever antenna connection is taped on so I can't imagine thats come loose.
Is it possible this is just some missed data in the PPM stream? Does anyone else get this?
I've experienced the same thing on more than one occasion, even while flying within LOS. Just as you described, it was a momentary glitch, just long enough for my OSD to announce failsafe engaged and then immediately disengaged. Initially, I wasn't sure what caused it -- Rx antenna orientation, RF interference on the plane, noisy environment, or possibly a loose Tx antenna connector. Now that I've installed the same RL system in a replacement plane, I've noticed it happen a couple of times while working on the bench with a very simple setup, consisting of only RL Rx, speed controller, servos, motor. I rarely remove my Tx antenna, but it seems prudent to check the connector. BTW, I'm flying Turnigy 9x with er9x firmware, ETOSD, and RL.
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