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Originally Posted by IntegrityHndywrk View Post
LOL, i might have to take you up on that RC Bathroom door!! I have a gas powered blower, a big tarp and a bathroom door that i've been eye balling as a quick throw together Hover craft If i can work out some way to do propulsion and have the blower keep the hovercraft pocket inflated. Well. That would be pretty damn cool. Even for a Walkera RX

This is not giving me any confidence here! It's looking more and more like i will end up getting a new TX before maiden flight on my X5 when it arrives. I'm thinking i will be using the uBeast that comes with the X5 and running it with the 2801-pro on my 450. Maybe that will give me enough statistical data to feel comfortable with it. By then, i will have probably ordered my new TX. I doubt it though.

Running the Deviation? It's interesting, but hard to trust.
I have regular contact with a fella at Buzzflyer over here in the UK. They are a Gaui stockist.

He said He has had issues with compatibility between the uBeastX and the 2801 RX, in that the Heli violently shakes around. Use of a Spektrum RX works fine.

At Buzzflyer, He had the option of supplying it in kit form or prebuilt with a 2801 RX, but I believe it's just offered with the option of a Futaba or Spekky unit now.

Just thought I would point this out.

I have a 2801 pro here, and although I like it, I wouldn't use it on something half decent like an X5.

I just limit its use to my junkers like the Genius and V400d02.

Perhaps look out for a dx6i and RX and sat... They're reliable and can be bought for less than a Days wage.
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