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Hi eye4wings: Doug here. I selected the motor kv solely based on its abilty to turn 16" 3 blade props to the desired pitch speed. We all decided right from the start, after some discussion we would run these planes on 6S.
The SK3 5055-320 produce 1100 watts per motor using the MAs 16/10/3. Pitch speed is 61mph. 48amps draw per motor allows use of a single 6S/5000/30c to safely provide the juice.
The total power really means little if this application, the motors run very cool, esc is cold running wot for 60 seconds. The plane will likely leave the ground at 1/2 throttle or a little above where thrust equals weight.
Smaller motors simply won't turn these 16" props unless you go down in S, upping amperage to unsuitable numbers.
nose weight is a good thing on this plane too, I believe.
My 84" Buffalo has 2200w total power, weighs 13.75lbs, gets airborne at 5/8 throttle in 80 feet, flies nicely at 1/2 at something resembling scale speeds. At half throttle motors are pulling 18a ea on 12/8/3's!! Have fun. Doug
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