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Notes from my personal experience and suggestions of planes to add, again based on my fleet.

Disagree that PkZ mini super cub and Easystar electric have same rating. I struggled mightily with the MSC and gave up on it. The Easystar got me flying.

MSC is small so hard to see and gets knocked about, and it is not that tough on hard landings, plus the LG adds complexity. Also doesn't handle that well. I would never recommend for a beginner.

Easystar is big, stable, slow, simple, and nearly indestructible. Very wide flight envelope. I'd call it a 1.

Pkz T28 was my 3rd plane - I'd rate it a 3.5, not a 4, and definitely not a 4.5. It does have some quirks including the troublesome gear, however, so I can see why it might be higher. Mine flew primarily as a tail dragger. I'll defer to the group since almost every one of us has had this plane at some point.

You can add the Maxjets F-18 to the 6 ratings, just a tad easier to fly than their F-35...flares into high AOA very well so can really slow down for a belly flop landing.

GP Super Sportster was my 4th plane. Nice flyer but it lands hot. Would rate it a 6 for that reason. Good landing trainer for bigger heavier tail draggers.

CerMark Fantasy Racer - would rate 7 overall. Good size, good vis due to markings, good handling once you set it up right, but that requires medium / advanced build and setup knowledge. Needs a forward CG. Short body means coordinated flying and p-factor on takeoff due to short tail moment. Medium landing difficulty.

3DHS 300 SHP. This is really 2 planes in one. When set up as a sport flyer, with forward CG, it is one of the most stable, forgiving, and precise planes you can fly. It is also easy to land. The paint schemes are excellent for viz. I'd rate it a 3.5 or maybe 4 in that configuration. Scott Stoops has an article on how to set it up for Sport but it's basically forward CG at 27% and low throws. Set up for 3D, it is tougher to fly but not that much tougher. It is in some respects easier to fly than the T-28. Super nice design with aboslutely no bad habits and a HUGE flight envelope. Some of your other 3DHS look suspect. The big 300 should be rated lower (easier), while the 57 SC is definitely a 5/6 in my mind.

H9 P-51 "40 Sport" - electric version of the PTS. 7 overall: bigger and has excellent markings. Flies fast on the recommended power but has light wing loading plus flaps so it can really slow down. Handles wind well. No bad handling habits with flaps. Reasonably robust gear. Good ground handling and take-off behavior.

World Models Spitfire 8 - light (8-8.5lb) .60 size sport plane with very standoff scale. The ARF builds easy and is very complete. Flies very well and is ultra-stable at 25% MAC. Stalls straight ahead, nearly impossible to tip-stall at this CG. Stock retracts are excellent - they are fuss-free and strong. Unlike most Spits, this one does not want to nose over. Slow lander with flaps, no bad habits with flaps. Visibility is not so good but manageable. Good flight envelope.

Will Hobby .60 66" Sea Fury 8.5. Excellent flyer when set up right. Lands slow and stable with flaps even at 37oz wing loading. No bad habits or trim issues. No tip stalling at 25% MAC CG. Just flies fast, stable, and can slow down when needed. Requires advanced building skills to get the most out of the plane and for electric conversion. Excellent paint scheme for viz.
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