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You're right in the middle of SPA country. The eastern US, particularly south east, is a hot bed of SPA activity. If you'll take a look at some of the new ARFs and kits available I'll bet you'll find one to your liking. Engine size is restricted to .65 or less two stroke and .91 or less four stroke. It's fairly comparatively inexpensive to get in to an SPA bird and the maneuvers aren't that difficult in the Novice class.

Ref. you question about "turn-around" IMAC all 10 maneuvers are done in sequence. Once you enter "the box" you are required to complete all 10 before leaving "the box". In SPA, you enter the box, do one maneuver, and exit the box. Then turn around, enter the box and make your next maneuver etc. If you'll look at the sequences posted on each web site it may make more sense to you.


PS, IMAC has the most contests by far. We had 11 this year in the So. Central region alone. Average attendance is approx. 20 pilots spread among 5 classes. The Basic class is by far the most populated. We had our region season finally at our club here in Ft. Worth last weekend and had 17 pilots. Everything starts again in April.
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