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Originally Posted by shultz View Post
I'm finding it hard to understand why it's taking so long for shipping, if the frames were/are in stock whats the hold up? When I placed my order for 2 white frames 3 were supposed to be in stock , this was on the 17th and yet still they have not shipped.

As for build instructions and videos... that should have been done before release.

I just emailed you, and I will explain so everyone else can understand as well.

First of all you are completely right, the numbers did show in stock, and there was. You are also correct about the build instructions, but it didn't work out that way. The youtube video was put out before we were ready and we have had to improvise in the time being. We take the responsibility on not being prepared.

Now to the orders... when preparing to ship orders we ran into a problem with the pressed in nuts. They were not as secure as I wanted them. Occasionally, the nuts would spin in place causing the screw to be stuck and unable to do much about it. The solution was to use nuts that thread into the motor support. You can see the old nuts and the new ones in the attached pictures.

So I sincerely apologize for the hassle and delay once again, but I felt it was the best decision to make so everyone can enjoy their frames. The frames will come with stainless screws already in the frame so I know everything is in working order when it leaves. If you have any issues in the future, you can always drill new holes and install new inserts. Just be sure to seal the old holes

Finally the clear frames... please look at the frames in the pictures and give me your feedback. The trouble we are having is getting the joint clear. The bonding agent turns the plastic milky white. We have tried just about everything and it seems there is not a simple and cost effective solution. What are your thoughts on selling like it is? Functionally it is great, it just gets to me that I can't get it the way I want to. If most of you are ok with it, I can probably start selling these mid to late next week.

If anyone needs a quicker response, please email us. We cannot get to all the forums as much as we would like to. Thanks for everything, appreciate your support!
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