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Originally Posted by SeismicCWave View Post
Yes the jitters will show up on the video footage.
Do we know this *for sure*? As it been done properly, and proven to not work?

I guess I just have trouble with the concept that a belt suddenly removes jitters, when no geartrain could.

For example, what if you are considering a 3:1 belt reduction, and then two servos. Either a 0.06sec/60 10Kg-cm servo, and one of the same brand but 0.18sec/60 30Kg-cm. It seems to me that you should get the same resolution and jitter levels if you use the 0.06sec servo with a belt drive, as you would using the 0.18sec servo direct. It's just a question of where are the gears, in the case, or external? The final gear ratio from motor to camera is the same in both cases.

What if you used a really slow sail winch servo? Or a Servo City Power Servo Gearbox with 3:1 gearing. Not as good as a belt?
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