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Unless you are there by yourself I think the flying field is probably the place with the most distractions. You can have multple aircraft in the air and lots of people milling around behind you engaged in multiple conversations, some bordering on shouting. I have seen guys walk up on fellow pilots while they were flying and try to engage them in conversation.

Here's a google view of where I used to fly planks. I won't name the field because I haven't flown there for years and rules and/or heli locations may have changed.
At the time, we had two members who flew heli. They did 3D in that 35' area between the heli pad and runway. If they flew circuits they flew out with the planks but had to stand back behind the heli pad. And right behind the heli pilot is a long row of workbenches where at least one plank guy is almost always adjusting the mixture on a nitro.
Both heli pilots would kinda warn the rest of us "I'm gonna fly my heli when Joe is done flying" so we could decide if we wanted to stand in a pilot box whlie he was doing 3D, and most of us had no problem giving him the field for 10 minutes or so.
When I started learning heli it never crossed my mind to rejoin the club and try to learn there.
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