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Originally Posted by jj604 View Post
Which is one of the best arguments for gyros IMO.

My 2c worth......

You cannot fly a model "with the characteristics of it's full size counterpart" since the model flies at totally different Reynolds number etc etc. Quite apart from the different power/weight ratios most models have compared with their full size counterparts. The striking thing about watching many scale models fly is that (at least for smaller ones) how unrealistic they are in their responses compared with the full size. Even if they are well flown and a brilliant example of scale craftsmanship.

What a gyro can do is partly offset the non-scale effects of wind and external disturbances.

The one universal remark that people make when they see or fly a gyro equipped small scale model is how much smoother and more realistic the flight is.

I'm currently waiting for one of the new Origin SuperMicro stabilised bricks to put in my P51 or 190 to see if the facts bear out my opinion.

I was talking about "the characteristics" that should be the same, I don't said that small models fly as the real plane - big difference.

A model of a J3 should be a forgiving plane like the real one, a model of a Gee Bee should be a little difficult when landing etc.

So, the AS3X is helpfull in "non optimal conditions" but it also can change the characteristic of a plane in an unrealistic way.

I think it is a question of programming - it could be nice but sometimes it isn't.

Sometimes AS3X can fight against your input and the things you want to do with your model - from that point I would like to turn off AS3X.

It is like ESC in your car, it makes the driving for most driver more safe, but if you are able to control your car in a more advanced

manner, it will kill the fun (with the exception of PORSCHE their advanced ESC is one off the finest) and you are only able to get to know the real

characteristics of your car if you drive it without ESC.

Every thing has two sides, so if I'm able to turn off AS3X if I want to - everything is fine, but for the moment I have to live with both sides

of AS3X - dislike.

I like the look and behaviour of a war bird, so I don't like to change its characteristic because it'll kill the fun for me but that is a matter of opinion - like everything in live.

@ Jon

To make photos of such a nice detailed little plane with a "wow effect" you really need an expensive equipment and a lot of experience - or

simply luck.

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