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Originally Posted by esloted View Post
Don, I am (as I said earlier) using the same motor / box but the next hotter wind and a 850-3S - and same servos in tail.
The battery is right there under the hatch - far better.

I have no doubt the maxa will handle the wind with 20oz added.
BUT - with 20oz to add, 2-3oz more motor, 2-3oz more battery and the rest in carbon / glass would suit me better. I have a different landing style, here we call it rubbish.
There is a lot of very expensive (light) carbon in the Maxa (and Supras) and why not just have a stronger / cheaper structure that does not get broken as easily ?
There is no need to go mad, but 20oz is not a lot to add, so room for lead would also be good...... But to start with, something that earns its way.

If you are now on your second - Do you really want 2 of the same ?
The hard spread 3.5M with more motor and battery ?
How long before Vladimir does a heavier glass version ? (well look at the supra)

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My objective in going to the Maxa was to get an electric that more or less weighed the same as the TD equivalent of some very competitive TD plane. The Maxa has done that for me within an ounce or two. It appears that the trend in TD planes is to large (4M) and light (Maxa, Aspire, Explorer) and, it seems, that just as I get an electric that more or less matches its TD equivalent in weight that the TD planes are trending lighter still.

I am not, by any means, a world class pilot. I just want a plane that is fun to fly and will perform well in fair weather. I will tolerate flying in crap weather only up to a point, and then, like the honey badger, I just don't care. I am not inclined to buy a plane to use in conditions that I do not enjoy flying in. That is for younger guys who still have something to prove. The Maxa with ballast flies quite well when ballasted for wind. And it lands quite well. I am not particularly skilled at landing, but the current electric landing tasks are pretty easily accomplished with the Maxa -- which lands more easily than any other plane I have owned.

As to two nearly identical planes, I am prone to stick with one design and learn how to fly it as opposed to further complicating the learning process by changing planes. Two planes give me a back-up in case I need it. Although in this case, I will likely sell the older Maxa.

Happy Landings,

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