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Originally Posted by RotaryC View Post
Nice one kdean , hoping this thread will answer some questions regarding the WK RX (fix devo issues )

IntegrityHndywrk, from what I understand, the 2801Pro and RX are a solid platform, its the gyro combo's that people are having problems with isn't it?

One plus point with the Devo is the firmware upgrades for the TX and RX, which will hopefully cure any lockouts in the future, although from all the reading, it is a disappointment the way they obviously beta test on customers.

From what I've read, its only on the fixed ID where the devo RX lock up isn't it? So if I do fit a WK gyro and don't assign a fixed ID, it should be fine right??
The lockout issue with the Devo have been fixed as I as know with a firmware upgrade. It only applied to telemetry capable transmitters i.e. 6s, 8s,12a, and 10. The issue only occurred when the above transmitters were used with non-telemetry capable receivers with the sensor turned on.

I am not sure whether there are any lockout issues with the Devo version of the 2702 receiver. But as far as transmitters do, the Devo line is state of the art are not knockoffs of any other brand. There is also a third party firmware available which makes the Devo 6 and 8 compatible with Spektrum DSM2, Nine Eagles J6, Walkera 2801/2601/2401 and Turnigy 9.
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