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Originally Posted by davidleitch View Post
Just to add that I am trying three different motors a Kontronik 480 + 5:1 (excellent power a bit on the heavy side), a Kontronik 400 + 5:1 and a Reisenauer gearbox on slightly hot Scorpion motor.

I've yet to test the latter two. I plan to try and keep the props relatively small. Its clearly less efficient but I don't care about efficiency any more and the small props provide a cleaner front end once you turn the power off.

I'll post some results eventually when its all installed. Have to build a new maxa first. I had a transmitter failure (a regulator blew up in the tx and it instantly died completely) causing a complete loss of model. The good news is I have the new fin so can put the servos in the tail fairly easily.

Had I known of the new 6.7 box that would have been tempting. However must say the Kontronik service has been excellent with quick delivery of the motor. Also I'm a big fan of the Kontronik ESC and the 55 amp model is a good fit.

This thread is about motors but I can't agree that the Maxa is only a light wind model. It has a low wing loading and a slightly thicker foil than the Supra but I flew it in strong winds in competition and was able to penetrate (slowly). Its excellent handling is a big help in that regard.
Sorry to hear about your Maxa. I am still enjoying mine immensely. I am preparing to build up another one to set straight the things I did not like about my original set up.

I'm going with a Neu 1107 and his new 6.7 gearbox with a Thunderpower 4S 850 battery pack and a separate 2S LiFe for the radio. I'm going with two MKS 6100's in the tail. While I appreciate the reasons for NOT having the servos in the tail, I got tired of having to fiddle to get the 1300 3S pack shoved back into the fuselage. The new setup will weigh the same +/- an ounce or so, but the flight pack will be immediately accessible under the canopy. The plane will have the oomph to launch into a 15-20 mph wind WITH BALLAST and still maintain its light weight for light air conditions.

As to the Maxa's heavy air capabilities, I think that the key is ballast. I just came back from a TD comp in Dallas where the wind blew 15-20 mph (actually the comp was eventually called due to higher winds). Large, light Aspires (carrying ballast) were hard to beat. And during the last windy round that was flown, one of the guys was flying a 4m Maxa with about 20 oz. of ballast in strong, gusty (25 mph) conditions. He was able to launch high, max in difficult air and land on the spot in complete control.

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