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Originally Posted by RC Man View Post
I donít think that you are correct. I think that S-FHSS has a limit of 8-channels no matter how many channels your transmitter. Itís not intended to be their high-end technology. I really know if I want trust FHSS with an expensive helicopter Ė for me FASST is the trusted high-end technology.

Do you think there will ever be a S-FHSSest with telemetry?

I beleive Steve is correct in that the S.bus allows for unlimited channels to be operated. the limitor is the Tx.
the Tx would be limiting the number of channels due to the frame rate that the Rx can process.
You may find that the R2008SB S-FHSS Rx will be slower than a R7008SB FASSTest Rx when receinving data from 18 functions. So no the S-FHSS Rx may not be the best choice of Rx for a helicopter pilot wanting the crispest control but for a scale Helipcopter it may not be a problem.

The differences between the FHSS/S_FHSS and the FASST/FASSTest Rx's is not just the bandwidth andcoding but also processing ability of the chips used and thats where the additional premium comes from. The FASST/FASSTest coding may also be much more complex for better error correction and higher overall sensitivity
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