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Racing with Victorias

FWIW, I race with Victorias weekly.

They are well suited to racing, (after a lot of mods).
They have a lot of adjustable settings, and they are a fun boat to race.
This group of about a dozen gentlemen who are kind enough to let me race with them, range from beginners to experts, many of whom have full size sailboats as well as RC boats, and many years experience sailing, both big and small boats.

At first, in light airs, I didn't do so well, since the Nirvana is about a pound heavier than a Vic to begin with and all my "decorations", (running lights, figurines, etc), added to the weight I guess.

The Vics scoot off like a bunch of water spiders in a light air, leaving me behind, but with a some good puffs on the backstretch I can usually catch up if not overtake them. (More sail area and a more slippery hull shape helps IMHO)

But in a good breeze, (or a near gale), she does pretty well.
The Nirvanas added weight is a definite advantage when coming about in a chop or stiff breeze, more momentum, less likely to end up in irons or bearing off.

I've had a few first places, and can usually be somewhere in the lead pack, unless I do something stupid, or the intermittent winds don't cooperate at a crucial moment.

As my skippering improves, my boat gets "faster" too.
"The harder I work, the luckier I get". (read that somewhere).

As for fidgeting with microscopic knots, totally unnecessary.
A judicious use of some rubber grommets, (and grey matter) obviates the that little chore. All that info is on this forum somewhere, you just have to read it, and apply it.

I can easily make any pond-side adjustments required (I usually set my boat up for the prevailing conditions BEFORE launching it), I can dockside it, adjust it and have it back on the course again in seconds.

If I had to make a judgement, based on my own experience sailing with some very good Vic sailors, I would say they are very well matched boats, the Victorias and the Nirvanas, and sail well together.

The main difference here will be, as always, the skipper!

I even held my own with a fast carbon fibre (lighter souped up race version), Vic last week (very windy, gusts up to 50KMPH), in the hands of a one of the best skippers in group. Not too shabby!

Outclassed? Piffel!!
Usually it's the skipper who is outclassed. And that, with a lot of study and experience, can be rectified.
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