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Just set up your linkage so that mid point on the throttle servo is approximately or as close as you can get to mid point on the carb butterfly opening. Then try to get your end points as close as possible to each other, approximately 100% each direction. Example you dont want one endpoint at 40 and the other at 80 This can be done by rotating your throttle arm, and by making your pushrod slightly longer or shorter (rotate the ball link on either end a turn or two as needed or messing with sub trim. On the DLE30 I have found it important to use the fiberglass extension provided on your throttle arm to lenghten in. Then move your ball link out on the throttle servo to about the third hole in the arm or an inch or so to start off, this should get you close. Move your ball link to the fourth or the second hole if too little or too much throw is obtained.

Then, when you are close on the geometry, test run your engine while you are breaking it in..go into the menu for throttle curve, and use a tach (get the Fromeco tach). I just did one on Saturday used the tach to determine rpm at each point on your throttle curve. For example, when I started I was at 7000 rpm at half throttle and 8000 rpm at full throttle...not what I wanted. When I finished five minutes later, I was around 4000 rpm at half and 3000 rpm at 1/3 and same 8000 rpm at full throttle, but I didnt hit 7000 rpm until over 3/4 throttle.

This is very simple and easy to do if you make your inputs on the screen while the engine is running and you have a tach to determine each point.

This is my simple method. There are more complicated methods to get the geometry right if you do a search but they were a little too complicated for me to understand and interpret. I have a good geometry and a linear throttle response to my stick inputs, and a good amount of servo resolution all as a result. I am sure an expert here will tell me a mistake in my process, but this simple method works good for me.
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