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Originally Posted by Ilikebipes View Post
The biggest thing that separates the SPC from the CPA in focus is large variations from the original design that completely change the airplane from what it originaly was. The SPA allows only designs existing up to the year 1976 and will not allow the use of retracts or tuned pipes- even though they were originally used in these designs in 1976 and earlier. I am sure someone else can pipe in here to represent the SPA better than I, but -I am most familiar with the CPA- being a regional director for the organization.

The CPA focuses on pre-non-turnaround aircraft... Until recently the cut-off for that design was 1996, but there is talk of including newer designs with the focus of the term "vintage" being somewhat subjective. The point is to have a great time.

Both fly the original One Pass At a Time pattern.... Both are very inclusive regarding participation, as I understand. We won't turn you down just because you don't have a classic bird to fly at the time.

The SPA has been going at this longer, but both ideas are starting to take off and gain traction with Classic Pattern contests growing all the time- across the nation.

You may have noticed a few released model options recently that are a result of the resurgence of classic pattern flying such as the Hanger 9 Phoenix 7; the GP Dity Birty; Classic RC's release of the Taurus, King Altair, Orien, and Simla kits; the new Curare release..... etc, just to name a few. It is growing and gaining traction.

IMAC does seem to be large, and the current AMA Pattern seems to be falling.

The Mini-IMAC as presented here has not started yet, but this could change very soon. All it will take is one contest to start it off!


Yes, helpful. Little confused on the one-pass at a time thing. I assume that means you don't have turnaround in the pattern? Seems hard to do unless the patterns are small?

Mini-imac seems a no-go at the moment based on what they have said. Not because they don't like the idea, just because has not managed to attract enough participation. Still like the idea myself though.

CPA would be good to learn a little more about. Is this the main website?

If so, seems dead as 2012 events were never even posted there.
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