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Yeah you were lucky. Especially if you didn't realize it until afterwards, thus weren't taking it easy on it.
Red-faced to admit, I did the very same thing the post-solo 3rd flight with my ol' Bix. *LOL* Luckily I was still 'learning the ropes' so was just flying the pattern & figure 8's so didn't pull any extreme maneuvers. Flew 2 LiPos out, & was re-bagging the wings to head home & there was the CF spar lying under one of the bags! Woah!! *LOL* I also think (and did then) it's a testament to the holding power of the 3M Dual Lock I chose for holding the butt ends of the wing together!

If you'll read back up several posts you'll see where 'StudioRS' & IIRC Peter also added metal rods (I remem Studs used an aluminum tent peg; I bought a pack last week to borrow his idea) for that purpose, as well as bending them to add 5-8 degrees of dihedral with reportedly good results.

In fact that brings up something. Thompson, how long was your 'peg' after you sawed off the hook? Reason I ask - I got mine from Wally-World, & they only had 2 types. The longer ones were steel with plastic 'hook things' & very heavy....& the aluminum ones (I bought) I fear might be too short once the hook's removed. I'm thinking if so, I might try to sledgehammer the hook out straight for the extra length.
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