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David, I said the Maxa is superb for light weather work, and it is. I have a 4M Ava @ 6oz/sq ft and the Maxa @ 7.4 oz. I have still not confirmed which is the best in totally flat air - but, as soon as you can feel any air movements (indicating lift) the Maxa is better.
If I did it over again, the servos would not be in the tail and it would now be lighter.
Yes, the Maxa can be made to handle more wind, but how efficiently ?
The Pike Perfection was a miscalculation - I had figured it would come out about 2kg and the way it is, you have to use what will go in and it ended lighter.
As the wind builds, the Perfection (for me) just feels better to fly.
I still fly a Graphite D-box @ 9oz but the Electra @ 9.5 oz starts to get better in a blow.

In my field, it gets a bit bumpy as the wind rises (trees and things) and the greater speed and higher wing loading make landing better / smoother.

As this is a Supra thread, I would say buy 2 - one being the lightest they make and the other the heaviest. Build the lightest as light as possible and the heaviest - heavy.
For flat calm, the only task is to climb to 200m and hang there as long as possible. For windy days you want to be able to climb to wherever in the sky looks best, and if you got it wrong, glide efficiently to the other place.

All I am saying is that I will set my Maxa for light air, the Perfection to move round and I still really need a heavy model. BUT - I want the weight in motor, battery and lots of carbon - Not all of us do perfect landings in bumpy air so I want survivability.

I don't think a big prop matters too much on the Maxa, but whatever the "fast" plane is, it will matter far more - RFM prop & cranked hub will be on the list.

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