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Originally Posted by razorblade View Post

That is some awesome inverted flying. Cruising around inverted is becoming second nature to you. You practically don't even need to think about it.

At your current rate, when do you think you would be able to fly the 4F200 similar to Manuel Campus (a.k.a. buildem336) in this YouTube video?

As for me, I probably get a quarter as much flight time as most on rcgroups do, it'd take me seven years.
The truth is the 4f200 can't fly like that unless it's in top condition! It's hard keeping it there. I recently reinstalled the stock motor for a performance increase because it has cooled way off here, i feel that the stock motor can be ran safely for even as much as 6-8 minutes. But it sure cooks even after 3. Since going back to the stock motor performance has increased dramatically but I baby the 4f200 still because it is my favorite. I don't like fixing the 3 blade head OR tail. In a MAJOR way i am very glad the 4f200 was my first CP heli. Because of the maintenance, additional parameters to consider like blade phasing and multi blade tracking. I got a crash course in heli repair, over night. All the pain in the ass the 4f200 has been in upkeep & repair has made it so working on real nice 2 blade setups is a walk in the park. It feels like it takes seconds to fix instead of hours and then i don't mind it so much. Accelerating my skills is also, IMO, my v450. I kind of have it in the back of my head now, since the v450 has lock me out so many times. I just kind of think, i might as well enjoy it and push the limits! Because if i don't crash it Walkera will do it for me! Thats the truth too. I've only thumbed the 450 once since i owned it. It's kind of heart breaking for most when they watch the video i made too. Worst part of it is i don't record all my flights and i have deleted quite a few crash videos because the angles were wrong or the expletives were too abundant to cut out

Originally Posted by razorblade View Post
Ahhhhhh... sweeet!

Was there a last straw tipping point that caused you to fire away at the buy button?

The uBeast is nice. And of course the X5. Both high quality and respected brands engineered and supported by folks who give a care (damn). One of the reasons why hobbyists like the uBeast over the AR7200BX is because they don't want the receiver built-in. They want the choice of running a different receiver. Receiver independence!
Yes, there kind of was a last straw. The v450, after working for months to track down it's random black out / lock out issue. I thought i had finally done it! The heli flew fine for 30 flights after i had replaced the 2702V RX. No issues, flew great and the heli even felt like it was responding better. It felt kind of delayed previously. Anyway, since it was flying great, I was ECSTATIC that I had FINALLY figured out the problem as being my old 2702V being bad. After 30 flights to verify that the RX was the problem and the issue that would occur between 5-10 flights every time without fail had disappeared. So i put that 2702V on the brand new V450 i had just finished building and planned on selling from the start. It's actually currently for sale and flying fine. But again, i digress. I flew two flights on the newly built from parts V450 that i had painted yellow. Test flights went fine, no issues. THEN, my brand new 2702V arrives from wow hobbies for $119. It had a slightly used appearance because it had some scratching on the bottom and the white sticker with numbers on it had been partially torn off. I think the $119 ones are taken off of the V450s that they were installing the 2702V-D units on from the newer version v500 or where ever. But the only change was the RX. After doing 2 strap down 5 minute packs in my drive way and one 5 minute hover. I took the v450 to the field and it locked me out about 25 seconds after lift off. This was the exact same issue that the first 2702V had given me! I emailed wow and they offered to replace it with one of the new version 2702Vs from the v500 that has longer antenna wires to fight CF shadowing on the bigger helicopters. DKFuji even chimed in on the issue when i brought it up in the V120D02S thread saying he had experienced the same thing on both his v450 and v500 and so has his brother. He recommended asking for the longer wired RX wow had already suggested (probably at his instruction). Then there is Kdean in the Vclone thread having the issue as well. He dropped his nice align 500 a few times too. He began to theorize it was the fixed ID bind with the 2801-pro and 2702V. After hearing his theory i thought back and realized something. Out of the 3 2702V units i owned, only 1 out of the 3 worked properly without "lock out". That one is the one on my yellow v450 right now. It's also the only unit i NEVER tried fixed ID bind with because i had always intended to sell it and didn't want to have to reset the ID. My v450 parts should be in very soon and wow should be receiving my RMA'ed 2702V and have a new one in the mail shortly. But i might try my original "bad" 2702V without fixed ID and see what happens. Regardless i got sick of dealing with poor craftsmanship. My name is not Integrity for nothing. The only possibilities here is that the 2702V has random defects or the fixed ID bind is more susceptible to CF shadowing. Because there are plenty of people using the 2702V with fixed ID without any issue. In fact we know a few people have them on their 4f200 too. It's perplexing but now i have a gaui on the way. I couldn't afford a spek or futaba yet. So i will test it with a 2801-pro RX. Supposedly this will work, but i HAVE to use ID bind. I might just wait it out till i can afford something else. But here, check it out. The first crash on this video is the one from the brand new RX from wow. It's quite brutal, don't cry and shield your kids eyes. The second crash in the vid is actually my fault. All the rest are 2702V lock outs.

V450D01 2702V Lock out Crashes (4 min 22 sec)
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