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Im gunna start by bragging about my 2801pro tx. I got one to upgrade my V400D02, and for $160 it feels better than the more expensive ds6i. I've also read alot of stories of how it out performs alot of the spectrum transmitters as well. The 2801 pro tx/rx is a walkera success story. If is was not for the touch screen, and telemetry, i would be happy with just the 2801 system. But walkera had to go and put out the crazy affordable devo line, and now i'm thinking 'when is the right time to invest in the crossover'. Walkera pushes out so many new products, in such a short time, it pretty much explains why the quality control is lacking. The public becomes the beta testers. Thats why i wait.

The V400D02 is/was the best beginners cp when it was introduced a couple years ago. $150 RTF fbl 6ch 400 sized heli, amazing. That thing taught me sooo much about rc helis, good and bad. Not only how to fly, but also how to fix and mod. I might be sentementily biased, but i will always have one in my collection. I still have one 'new in box' sitting in my closet. Now they have the 'master cp'. It looks like a blade 400 style frame, that i'm not a fan of. The V400 frame layout is very similar to these big high end 3D machines that are becoming more popular, trex 600/700pro, logo's, ect... With the battery flat at the bottom of the frame, and motor upside down. I dont know why walkera would go to that old trex style, battery on top, design.

The walkera mini/micro helis at industry leaders. Leave it to the Chinese to make stuff smaller and cheaper. I got caught up, and tricked into 'beta testing' the M120D02. The most advanced micro heli i've seen. It looked just like the bigger heli, only in a 120 size. But, it is overweight and under powered, and even with the wow upgrades (ta 915 motor) i could not get it to do what i wanted it to do. If i had only waited for the V120D02s or the Mini CP....

Learning to fly 6ch cp helis on walkera equiptment was great. Their fbl/rx combos are super stable. That lead me to getting a 2702v rx and putting it into trex clone 450pro air frame. My experience with the v400 lead me to find a more sturdy, crash worthy, platform. And trex clone parts are affordable and readily available. Walkera parts are expensive, and have limited US dealers. I've had two 2702 units, and they have been in my trex 450's, my 500, and my 600. If it was not for the 'lock out' bug in these systems, i might not have even needed to start this thread just yet. They are so stable and solid, when they work, i would be happy just flying them in my clones. They dont hold quick piros well, and the tail hold might not have been as solid in fast backward flight, but i could not compare it to anything else, until i started buying things like the spartan quark gyro and mks ds90i tail servo. I put that setup in my 450pro, along with a 2801pro rx, and a whole new world of possibilites was opened up to me.

Now that i'm doing more upgradeing and not so much buying new projects, or spending on spare parts, i started looking into 'pro' level electronics. High end fbl units, better servos, esc's, and motors. The beastX has always been in my wish list due to its similairties to the 2702v. Simple setup and no so expensive. I bought one awhile ago, but just got around to installing it into my 500. Another is on the way for either the 450 or 600 depending on if i can work this bug out of my 2702v which i would like to keep on my 450.

And here we are. My journal entries continue in this new thread. I'll be shareing my experience with the beastX units, and any other upgrade that goes into my 2801 controled helis. I also plan on trying my hand with a plane. Something that runs on 3s 2200mah, so when its to windy for my 400 and 450, i can do some plane flying. You know i'm gunna try a walkera V unit in the plane, even though the guys at the field think that gyros in a plane is 'cheating'.
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