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Originally Posted by Bravo47 View Post
The under carriage is actually quite sturdy and robust. It breaks off on occasion because it is glued into a 10mm thick section of the foam fuse. This for me has only happened if my landing angle was poor and the front of the wheel pants catch on the runway and drag the carriage off. If it were a regular fix I think I would just remove the wheel pants.

I start at 30% if I have no manual reference to go by. We just assume that the people that wrote the manual went through a whole lot of testing to come to that value. It probably just depends on your flight style I guess. I'm no ace pilot so I like my CG a bit more forward to keep me in the comfort zone.

That sounds fair enough ... just surprises me the number of posts about "Where's CoG on a model" ... must be about 5 or 6 running now on here and Wattflyer ..

I agree that CoG advised is usually a good point to start ... but we all fly diffferent. My Ultimate is unflyable by some of the guys I fly with ... they want to stuff lead in the nose and tame her down .. me .. I love it ... she'll stand on her nose at blink of an eye ! (twitch of a stick actually .... )

The Edge I have ordered and believe has reached home judging by Wifes comments ... will be set-up as poeple above have found ... but I bet I end up edging it back a bit ... !! Time will tell.

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