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Walk-era and Beyond

Here we go again. Another thread dedicated to careing and sharing.

Alot of guys/gals have 'cut their teeth' or started this rc heli addiction on a walkera product. I must admit that my walkera 'era' has been a sweet and sour experience. Its had its ups and downs, but I will always cherish those days of learning, and hold on to the products that i now love.

Walkera was like the 'gateway drug' that got me hooked on this hobby. Yeah, the quality is not always the best, and the designs had some flaws, but if it was not for the affordability of the walkera products, i would not have been this far into the hobby.

As i have grown, i have been posting threads about the walkera projects that i have been working on. The V400D02 thread, started two years ago, was my heli journal. I found i was not alone in my quest, and along the way i made many friends. That soon broke out to a Walkera V clone thread, and now that we are moveing on to bigger and better (more expensive) things, its time for the new thread. Welcome to the last thread related to walkera that i will post.

The Walk-era and Beyond

Feel free to share, and ask away. The only limitation being that you must have a walkera rx/tx that you are using to control you craft. Notice that i did not say heli. That means planes, quads, boats, cars, bathroom door, as long as it is controlled by a walkera tx (devo or pro), you are good here. Even if you want to compare or share an experience with another controller that you think might be benificial to us walkera fliers, let us know.

Have fun, and always remember - Dont crash (unless its some kind of walkera electronic failure)
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