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Originally Posted by AlThuban View Post
This has probably been answered somewhere, but I didn't find it in my searches of the thread, so here goes...
What motor & prop combo would you go for if you wanted decent, reliable hardware, a decent, low to medium speed (ie not really faster than stock), and relatively quiet flight but with good, solid climb and wind handling? I've seen a lot of talk about people switching up to 2200kV motors but that sounds pretty "hot" and likely makes them screamers. Some have said the B2 flys well on the stock motor and prop but both the motor and prop are a bit on the cheap & cheesy side.
I was thinking of something like an Aerodrive 2826-1240kV with a three blade MA 7x4 pusher. Then I ran into something about prop stall calculations and got totally confused.
I've been flying a Radian Pro all summer here in Cowtown and its fine, though the climb is pretty "soft" and it can get windy enough to give it zero ground speed w WOT (yeah yeah, ok so why am I flying then??). I'm looking forward to the B2 as a camera platform for some aerial photo fun.
I fly with Calgary Park Flyers and I think I have the only Bix 2 there. I put in a 1100kv motor and a 7X6X3 prop. It seems to fly with good thrust. It's not going to combat winds more than 20 kph very well and cover ground.
Your 1240kv motor isn't all that different from the 1300kv stock one but probably is more reliable.
I used to fly (sold it) a Radian and several guys fly the Pro. They all seem to handle wind pretty well. I've seen the Pro's fly in winds up to 30 kph. I've even gone up on days like that with my Radian. The Bix 2 wouldn't be able to do that, at least not without being a butt clencher.
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