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Originally Posted by Bravo47 View Post
..........There is nothing wrong with the 800mm Edge apart from the manuals CG reference being wrong, weak engine mount, and nil spares available. Other than that just set the control surface rates at around 50% to start and Its a great little aircraft.

With greatest respect to others and I'm sure majority are vastly better RC pilots than I ... but I cannot help but feel that a certain amount of underestimation of characteristics occurs ....

These planes in full size are serious machines that require care and skill. Translating that to a model surely incurs a touchy model. It's same if you do a Pitts correctly ... many would find a correctly translated Pitts a handful.

I'm waiting to return home and put the Edge together and fly ... I've noted from this thread that a) CoG needs to be a bit more fwd than book says, b) that undercarraige needs to be looked at and possibly more secure, (I'm a great believer in weaker and only break immediate area - not more !), c) weak engine mount and check for this strange bent up corner !

On CoG ... this subject always surprises me ... as I always lived by the 30% rule ... I would average out the location no matter what wing form and fly ... generally it was safe and then I would adjust to what I wanted from the model. It worked for Mirage 2000, WOT4, Pitts, Nieport 28 ... just a few wide range examples ... this leads to a question ...

Does no-one now work like that ? They just trust the book ... and look to others to set the location ?

For me - I have a style of flying that many I fly with would not use ... means I fly with CoG often a little back from normal with aerobatic and more fwd on EDF etc. Book figures are purely a number to start with.

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