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Originally Posted by V999D02 View Post
That's a steal at that price, and it would've been rude not to buy it. :-D

If there is anything I can slate about the X5 it would be the landing gear. The Trex 500 landing gear and rails are a good fit and only require 2 holes drilling. I have the Trex gear fitted and like it.

The KBDD Extreme 84.5mm tail blades are also a good investment.

You really will love this Bird otherwise I will eat my hat.

I'm made up for you, as you deserve some quality machine after all the crap you've had with your V450.
Yeah, but gaui also released a upgrade set of landing skids made out of CNC and CF. They are expensive but i wonder how much more durable they are. I can't imagine the stock skids are any worse than the V450's skids. Which are decent, but not great. Since you mentioned the 500 landing gear, i was thinking maybe the Gorilla gear skids would be best? They are supposedly much more durable than the stock skids on most heli they are made for. Either way, If the skids are all i have to worry about i'll be okay. For right now i couldn't afford a new TX and RX so i'll be trying the 2801-pro with it. I also couldn't get any packs with it. I eventually figured i had to get at least one pack for setup and i got a $50 turnigy 30C pack. That brand is not highly regarded but i used the 3S packs on my 450 and they worked out well. They just degrade quickly.

I never have figured out why all the landing skids always have loops attached to them. Little eyelets for wire management or something? Makes no sense to me.
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