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I have the older model, but it's my always take plane when I go out flying. The others are choices, but the Super Zoom goes, period. I'm not a 3d'r, but do the occasional hover, but mainly use it for aerobatic training. I have learned more with it than any plane I ever owned thus far. I have also put it through some abuse, but it's about as indestructable as anything I have ever seen. I thought the um planes were tough, but they don't hold a candle to the Super zoom. A friend of mine that has been flying rc forever says it seems to him to be more of a pattern plane the way it flies straight lines in any direction or orientation.
While I'm here, does anyone around this group have any experience with the Super Zoom XL (the 48" version). I have come within seconds of pushing the buy button on one for months now, but just can't decide whether I would like it as well as the smaller Super Zoom. I have also considered the built up fuse models from Hacker, but can't decide about them either.
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