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Originally Posted by TucsonFlyer View Post
Looking at the dimensions it's kind of surprising just how big that thing is. At some point helis in pictures just start looking the same size without a reference. The tail rotor diameter is larger than one of my 250's main blades and it masses about 5 times as much.

I really like the Gaui narrow frame designs, it seems like it should have been a no-brainer that the frame size only needs to be bounded by the width of two servos. Don't forget to strap in your batteries tho like in the pics!

Also, since this is your first go at non-walkera FBL systems I'd recommend grabbing a digital pitch gauge and a swash level tool. It'll make setup alot easier. No more of the walkera guess, test, and play with the swash links setup
I agree, but i honestly don't need to test more than once. I usually have my blades zeroed and tracked on the first go. The most i have to do is eye ball it again when the tracking is off and give it one turn on the swash link. That usually gets me perfect. I'm pretty well practiced after all my V450 lock outs. But your absolutely right. The same night i ordered the heli i also ordered a RC logger gauge. Which seemed to be much nicer and easier to calibrate than the Align pitch gauge. Because the box on the RC logger one can be removed to be calibrated. I find the pitch gauge on my phone app is pretty damn accurate too. But just in case i ordered one anyway. (pictures below are links to the vendor i used)

I also grabbed this swash leveler for the Trex 500. The gaui uses a 8mm shaft so this should work fine:

I also ordered the frame strengthener with the battery rails to block the battery from moving up into the motor.

The kit comes with some good Scorpion battery straps too. So it's not going anywhere. They cinch down pretty tight. I used them on my 450 for a while till the plastic ring broke from me pulling to hard.
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