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Right then, some constructive talk from me for a change... up until now I've been saying "I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that" before I'd even laid eyes on my Bixler2.

Well I'm home now, and I've taken a quick look in the box.

I bought the only version available in the UK Warehouse, the ARF. Requires ESC and 2 x servos for flaps, plus your radio gear of course.

First thing I wanted to do was take a real close look at the "new" canopy. I wanted to see how best to mount my camera(s) to it. The removable canopy itself is very stiff and sturdy, I don't foresee any issues with regards to mounting a FPV camera on there. I'm keeping it simple this time round so no pan/tilt for me, just the base of one of these screwed into the foam. pre screw the holes and inject a bit of gorilla glue in there, then re-screw the camera base into place and it'll be fine.

Motor and mount. Well, I'd heard many of you guys already mention the thin wiring and the excessive heat caused at high current pulls, but the moment I saw the wires for myself, the first thing I did was take out the motor mount (with motor still attached). simply jiggled the mount around for a bit to loosen the foam surrounding it and a sharp pull on the motor shaft with a set pliers and it came right out, judging by the amount of foam stuck to the side of the plastic mount (not a lot) it had obviously only been "glued" in on the right hand side of the opening, and only about 1/4 sq inch dab of glue at that. I'll be using plenty of Gorilla Glue, all around the body of my new CNC motor mount.

I've purchased a 2200kv motor and 6x4 prop for the LOS maiden, which will be some time within the next 7 days.

The rest of the aircraft looks awesome, the foam is of a better quality (perhaps) than the B1 and the hinges instill much more confidence than the old "crushed foam" hinges of the B1.

Cant wait to get flying
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