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Finally...SOMEONE is building a Flair Tiggie !!

Dear Krokko:

The PIPE from New England USA here...I've been out of work due to the recession (since September 2008) and when I can SOMEDAY get back to work...AND return to the hobby once more...the Flair Tiger Moth in quarter scale (usually nicknamed the "Tiggie" in American English) would be a GREAT pick for doin' up with four stroke power, much like you've done.

The Laser 180 has a camshaft drive setup, exactly like an Enya single cylinder four-stroke glow ignition engine has, that WILL allow you to get the engine running CLOCKWISE with no additional parts needed...that's an important feature for the Tiger Moth, as if one has a desire to REALLY "go the extra distance" in making their Tiggie even more "scale" than most... I'd be doing in replicating Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome's own Tiggie, seen here nose-on with its pilot Bill King - it's the real-world Tiger Moth closest to me "over on this side of the pond"...with the Flair kit, I'd make DANGED certain that I select a model engine (or "mill", as in hot rod slang from over here) that CAN be run in the exact same direction as shown above in the photo, for a Flair Tiggie someday !

The Saito four-stroke mills in the same size range as your Laser (the FA-150 and FA-180) DO have something available that functions as a reverse rotation camshaft . It's basically the same "left cylinder camshaft" that Saito's 48 cm3 (3.0 cubic inches) displacement size opposed twin four-stroke mills use, and as the left side cylinder on Saito's opposed twin cylinder 48 cm3 engines DO have their intake and exhaust port locations reversed in relation to the single-cylinder mills that they're based upon, using the "left cylinder camshaft" from those on a single-cylinder Saito mill of roughly half the displacement of the 48 cm3 opposed-twin mill DOES work to reverse the original engine's rotation, to get the "clockwise" rotation of a full-sized Tiger Moth's de Havilland Gipsy Major inverted istraight-four mill with either of the mentioned Saito engines.

To get back to the kit, it DOES appear to be a quality kit...please let me know by private message if you'd like scanned versions of either the Aeromodeller or Bjorn Karlström scale drawings of the Tiggie to help with your build sent along...and I've got a goodly number of photos of Bill King's Tiggie already to help with such a build someday. I've also got scans of the main LG sketches of the Tiggie (as well as of the cockpit area!) from one of the RCM&E Scale Annuals from many years ago that could be of help, so if you'd like those as well, please send a private message to get in touch.

Just hoping your Tiggie flies well after completion, whether you decide to "clockwise" your Laser 180 or not (clockwise rotation Zinger wood props for such a "conversion" are listed on the Internet)...I KNOW that I'd be doin' the engine "clockwising" for certain, whenever I can get a chance to get myself a Flair Tiggie kit in the future after getting back to work!

Also, how about some "bare-bones" Tiggie restoration photos to help with your build as well...on the Net, as one might expect!

Best of luck and Yours Sincerely,

The PIPE....!!
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