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Originally Posted by ChopperJack View Post
The Scorpion oil sure sounds good. How would you rate 3-N-1 oil? That is sometimes recommended.
I can't say for helicopters. But i used to use it on my skate bearings back when i was on a speed team as a kid It's been around for decades, that stuff. I just don't know how it reacts with plastics and things. It's not like your soaking anything either. A drop goes a long way if it can slide into the bearing. If it just pools on top then it might be too thick to soak in.

I generally oil my bigger bearings every 5 or so flights and the smaller ones like the v120 every 10 flights or so. If you do it too often you end up with some run off and ejection. When i changed my V120D05 airframe out last time the inside of the frame where the main shaft bearings sit had a little pool of oil in there. I don't think i would have needed to oil the bottom bearing under the main gear for a long time. I think some of the oil from the top bearing runs it's way though the middle there too because the part of the shaft between the bearings was all greasy too. So i was probably oiling those particular bearings a little too often. But no damage was done. Just a little messy. On the 4f200 i oil the main shaft bearings every 5-10 flights or when i get around to it. They don't eject much and only a drop or 2 is needed in each then spin your bearings to work the oil in and wipe the excess off so it does not accumulate grit and grime
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