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I live in Minnesota, StarHopper.

I've had the KDA 22-20L in the Specter from the start and I just got an "extra" and a couple new props. i just mounted up the new motor to see how close it is to the original and I'm quite impressed. The 2834 was really kind of an impulse buy to compare it with the KDA and use in the 3D plane but I could certainly use it in the Specter. At 1250kv it spins most any prop just a bit faster than the KDA but uses considerably more current in static tests. I can actually hear it unload in the air and then it has bags of power without getting too warm. It would also make an excellent motor for the Specter or for a small sized hotliner since it really shines with slightly smaller props. It spins an old Top Flite nylon 9X4 at 10,300 RPM on 3 cells so it should really scream with an 8X6 and 4 cells. I, frankly, don't believe HK's claim that it will hold together at 40amps and 585watts. I just can't believe a $17.00 70gram motor will hack it. But, after the first couple of runs, I have gone to 32amps and 350 watts with an 11X3.8 APC slowfly prop without excessive heating. Even with the 10X4.7 that I use for longer flight times my Yak goes just about the same speed straight up as it goes straight down with the power off but the 11 inch prop gives it that extra bit if I want to impress a crowd.

It's this kind of performance that has me thinking I would need a much bigger glider to justify a 35-38mm motor. Obviously, one would want the extra mass in a design that requires it for balance and the extra heat dissipation in a hotliner or something. But, in my dreams and sketches, I'm thinking that a 28mm motor that will develop around 4 pounds of thrust with an 11 inch prop would work great stuffed in the nose of a 3 pound DG 1000 running a yoke through a hole in the nose rather than using a spinner. I could always saw the nose off later if I don't like the look or function of the bare yoke but I don't see why the drag would be that much greater or why it would look bad from more than a few feet away.

Speaking of Yaks... The name always reminds me of what my stomach would do to me if I flew in one.
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