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Originally Posted by DenverJayhawk View Post
You'll love the 71 slick. So smooth. I sold and replaced it with a 74" Edge. But if/when the 74 needs to be replaced, I'll probably get another 71 Slick.

KE spins: I'm having issues with it on the 57. My 48" exp Edge was much easier to lock in a KE spin.
I find that you have to fiddle with your aileron inputs to get a good KE spin on the Extra.

If you're entering via an upline stall turn then you will likely need a fair amount of left aileron (assuming your stall turning to the left and then giving full right rudder to enter the spin) to get it started and then you will likely have to dial it back to the 11 o'clock position to hold the spin.

If you're entering from a tumble it's all about timing. I find that when entering from a tumble that if I catch it at the right time I hardly needs any aileron input. If you enter too early or too late then you'll have to get your aileron input right to help coax it into position. The Extra is pretty finicky on aileron position in KE spins though... If you move an hair too far on aileron inputs you'll go into a flat spin.
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