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Originally Posted by Linou View Post
Thanks for you very quick answers ! Really impressed

Sub trim: 0
Calibrate: done
Travel adjust: 80% both side
Monitor: End positions exactly at the same level

I can fly but I'll be happy when the bug will be fixed.

Maybe I'm missing something but if this bug exists only when the aileron is reversed, couldn't you work around it by "un-reversing" the aileron, reversing or un-reversing the elevator and pitch servos as necessary (i.e. change their current state to the opposite of what it currently is), and then changing the sign on all of the swash mixes?

e.g. if your current set up is as follows (making up numbers here)

Servo Reverse:
Pitch: Normal
Elevator: Normal
Aileron: Reverse

Swash mix:
Pitch mix: -60%
Elevator mix: +60%
Aileron mix: -60%

Then if you change to the following your swash should still move in the proper direction(s) but you are now not operating in the "bug zone" of the aileron servo being reversed.
Servo Reverse:
Pitch: Reverse
Elevator: Reverse
Aileron: Normal

Swash mix:
Pitch mix: +60%
Elevator mix: -60%
Aileron mix: +60%

P.S. What firmware version are you running? I'm on 1.03 and if I go to a blank memory location, tell it to be a heli and then watch the monitor as I move the aileron stick it works properly regardless of whether I have aileron reversed or not.
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