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Hi guys.

My "extra" KDA 22-20L arrived today and that's just as well because we've had thick fog all day. Just like the first, it's well finished and silky smooth. It's within 100rpm of the first which is well within the error range of my testing with different batteries and levels of charge. It will turn a 11X6 prop well over 8,000 rpm for 15-20 seconds on the bench and be just warm. That would give a calculated static thrust between 3.5 and 4 pounds!

Speaking of the new prop. I forgot to weigh the blades before I mounted them but they are lighter and spin faster than the old plastic blades. The blade profile is very similar so, unless they have a superior airfoil, I don't expect much difference in performance.

I've also been getting in a lot of flying with my foam Yak with the Turnigy 2834 motor. I just continue to be impressed with these little motors. The Yak is a bit under 800 grams but I wouldn't hesitate to use the motor on a sport/scale plane pushing 3 pounds or an even bigger scale sailplane. The DG 1000 I'm lusting after should be right around 3 pounds and I don't see a compelling reason why I shouldn't stick with a 28mm motor and use, if needed, a bigger battery for nose weight.
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