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Originally Posted by fred_dot_u View Post
A trim doesn't know or care what channel it's attached to. The original post suggested that the radio was triggering a signal of some throttle application even with the stick all the way back. If the throttle stick is all the way back and the trim is centered, pulling the trim back will reduce that signal that much more, unless there is a fault or failure in the circuit.

One of my radios uses digital trims. There is no all the way back or all the way up. When the radio is turned on, the trims are zeroed and the throttle trim is not all the way back. I can press the trim-back button and watch the trim indicator move downward. If the throttle is properly at zero, it will not go lower, but if it is not properly at zero, it will go to zero, if there is enough range remaining in the trim.
Digital trims do in fact have a full up and full down position. If you can't zero the throttle with the stick, then you need to recalibrate.
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