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No a throttle trim doesnt work like the other trims. With all the other trims you have two directions (left &right, up & down etc.) for instance take your rudder trim, if your heli/plane/quad is turning to the right on its own then you have too much right "signal" so you add left trim or signal to turn it the other way ( or hold it centered).

A throttle doesnt have below off ( in cars I guess going the other way from center would be reverse). So in aircraft all the way down is off anything above off is on (to greater degerees and motor speeds) so in essence if your throttle and throttle trim was all the way down you are sending no signal at all.......If your throttle stick was all the way down and you started moving the trim up you would start sending throttle signal to your aircraft and your rotors would start spinning (even though your stick was still all the way down)

Also if your trim was say 3/4 the way up and you chopped the throttle to off your motors would stay running because your trim is still sending "on" signals.

You can go out and try yourself, if you plug in your heli, then slowly advance the trim from 0% (bottom) to 100% (top) your rotors will start spinning even though the throttle stick stayed all the way down.

With electric helis etc., you always want your throttle trim all the way down.
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