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Originally Posted by Jake8131 View Post
Are you binding it right side up or upside down? Try leaving it upside down and try...
really? I thought you had to bind it with all four on the floor so the gyros would do their thing. It seems to me like I would bind it upside down then I would have to unplug it but then I would have to rebind it since I unplugged it then I would have to flip it right side up again? Right? :-)

Originally Posted by desertdweller View Post
If you figure this out, let me know......Ive been having the same problem with my DX7/MQX. Every time I plug in a new battery its like my DX7 and MQX have never "met" before and I have to rebind.

Ive only had my MQX for a couple days now...I have 8 flights on it now and have had to rebind 8 times ie. Hold the bind button in and turn on the TX or else the MQX just sits there and fast flashes.

TY question for you. do you have a heli or plane DX7? In my case I have a heli version. I set up a acro model for the MQX ( the only acro model I have on this TX of 5 aircraft) Maybe my heli TX doesnt like airplanes
I have the plane version of DX7 and I have tried it with my dx5e also because that is what I planned on using most of the time anyway.

Originally Posted by pgoelz View Post
Just checking.... do you power up the heli or the transmitter first? If you power the heli without the transmitter on, it goes into bind mode and when you subsequently power up the transmitter it will look like you lost your bind. You need to have the transmitter on and actually transmitting BEFORE you power the heli.

I always power on the transmitter first and let it sit for 5 seconds before turning on the quad.

Originally Posted by desertdweller View Post
TX first.


I just had a "face palm" moment. Im sitting out there watching the pretty blue light flash, I happen to look down at my TX and see it! My throttle trim at 50%. Doh!

Apparently when I set up this one I skipped that part.

So I lowers the ole trim to 0 and give er another go! sure nuff bound right up 3 times in a row.

Ty, check your throttle trim!
Yeah, I have all of my channels trimmed to zero! I called HH and they said that there could be a problem with the board.
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